My name is Iwona, I am known for my love to loose leaf tea and tea cups. For me the day won’t start
without shirt on my back and cup of tea in my hand!
I had been thinking about setting up my own business for some time now, but when I finally decide
to open the online shop I thought I wish to put together two things I enjoy the most, Tea and Craft.
Loose leaf tea has always fascinated me and was a part of my life since I received my first bag of leaf
I don’t think of myself as a tea expert, there is still plenty I need to learn. But the truth is that I enjoy
every single minute I can spend with tea, it doesn’t matter if It’s brewing it, drinking it or reading
about it. I always enjoy making hand crafted decorations, wrapping presents and creating toys for
my family and friends. I hope LiYu Tea Time can bring the tea gift joy to our customers’ homes. I was
very fortunate and found a few people around me who enjoy a cup of tea while they craft and
decorate as well, and this is how the LiYu Tea Time team was born.


Creative writer, fashion & tea lover

I love to write about my favourite things, when Iwona asked me to help out with some writing for the LiYu tea time website & blog I was over-joyed. No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s writing for work, spending time with my loved ones or reading the latest fashion blog you can catch me with a cup of tea in my hand and a smile on my face!

For years I only drank English breakfast tea, until I met Iwona, now im trying new flavoured herbal tea every week, Raspberry and Linden Fruit Tea is my favourite up to now although I would love to try a flavour in my favourite fruits (Lemon and blueberry) 


Photographer, artis and tea lover

Most of the time you can find me looking at you with just one eye, through my camera lens. My friends and customer say I am easy to talk to, like an old friend. We will always find something to chat about.
Recently my addiction to loose leaf tea set a new path in my photography career. I could not resist and said yes, when Iwona asked me to help with LiYu Tea Time. I can use my skills to create beautiful pictures of tea and gifts, but not only. Our little team is very creative and I am always busy with creating new designs for website and freebees for our customers, and of course making some handmade gifts.


I am happy and crazy Mummy who loves green lamp and herbal tea. My head is full of ideas and I am doing my best to fulfil them all, but sometimes the result is different than expected. I love watching cartoons with my daughter but when it’s bed time I enjoy good criminal books. I like planning and working ahead, and love calendars, shopping and to do lists. Whenever I write birthday or celebration wishes they come out as a poem. And if you ask me few weeks before Christmas, if I start making Christmas shopping, my reply will be “all wrapped up waiting for the BIG Day” my excellent organisation skills will be very useful in purchasing stock for LiYu Tea Time.


Meet our Lauren.. she joined our team a few months ago. When we work together we always drink tea and laugh.
Recently , Karolina organised a photo session for us at her studio so we had a chance to take a few pictures of Lauren.
She fits our team perfectly, she is crazy busy but always finds time for cup of tea, book. Of course
she is in our book club.
Lauren’s favorite loose leaf tea is cream earl grey.
Lauren enjoys yoga, running, travelling and spending time with family, friends and her dog ruby.