Time for gardening

Don’t you think the weather has improved a bit? Over the last few weeks, every day we had rain. This week however is still cool, but we can enjoy nice sunny days.

I have mentioned to you before that me and my family love to spend the time in the garden. We enjoy playing in the garden, or just sitting and relaxing. When it’s too cold to sit outside we settle down in our little conservatory and let the sun warm us up.

As you know we have got few raspberry bushes in our garden. The fruits are delicious, large and sweet. The colour of them is magnificent. Every year we have got so many fruits that we freeze some and do some jams and juices. 

I have recently noticed that our raspberry bushes are trying to grow outside of the place we prepared for them. Because I am not good with plants, I have asked Konrad to get the little raspberry bushes and put them in separate pots so we can share them with our friends. Since last season some of our friends ask us to get some raspberries so they can re plant them at their home.

March and April are the best months to prepare the little plants for repotting or replanting.

I hope that soon we will be able to see our friends and give them a pot with a beautiful green raspberry bush as a gift.

Unfortunately not all of us can enjoy a freshly picked raspberries. Not everyone has the space to plant the fruit bushes or enjoy gardening. And that’s ok because we have got something really raspberry delicious for all of you. Our Raspberry and Linden fruit tea.

Raspberries are good source of fibre and vitamin C. They contain many other important vitamins and minerals as well. Our Raspberry loose leaf tea contains plenty of freeze dry fruits and a linden.

It is said that linden tea provides huge relief from common infections like fever, could, cough, bronchitis and asthma. It can act as an expectorant to get rid of congestion/phlegm stuffed in the throat or chest.

Therefore if you looking for a remedy for a cold, you can definitely count on our raspberry and linen leaf tea. Our home recipe for cold/flu is raspberry and linden tea with a high quality honey. We recommend Hi Honey , because we know it’s come from well-run honey bee farm.

How we brew raspberry and linden fruit tea?

Boil water in your kettle. Prepare one full tea spoon of raspberry and linden leaf tea. I would put it in the tea pot and fill it in with boiling water. I then brew the fruit tea for eight or nine minutes. This way we will get very rich fruit tea and the temperature of the drink will be perfect to add the honey. Remember do not add the honey to boiling hot water or tea, high temperature will kill all of the honey goodness.

For us, this is the best home method for getting rid of a cough, getting over the runny nose, and all other cold symptoms. 

Take care and stay healthy, let our Raspberry and Linden tea help you get over the cold period. 

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