Pop up Tea Room

It’s been a while since I last organised a pop up event. With spring just around the corner, I have started to think about it again. Before I planned anything, I wanted to ask my followers opinion on a pop up tea room event?

Did you enjoy our brewing time at Peach Blossom last year? Maybe there is something you think we could change or improve on? I know that this time we should make sure to have some tea for sale for you because this was something we did not prepare for. We have received some feedback from you, that you would like to be able to check the blends and be able to smell it and taste the tea if possible before you purchase the loose leaf tea. And if we go ahead with another pop up we will definitely take care of this aspect of the event.

I was also thinking that maybe you would like to take part in the workshops? We could show you how we prepare and brew our tea. What tea accessories we use to brew loose tea in the most economical way. Or maybe you would prefer for us to organise a workshop with our tea gifts? We could show you the process of creating a new gift box. You could pick your favourite tea and wrapped it carefully in the bag or place it in the jar. As you know our tea bags and gift boxes are hand decorated. We could show you few tricks we use ourselves.

Of course if we decide to go ahead with the idea of organising workshops for you, the tea tasting would be part of it. Our team always enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea while we are working. We love to combine work with pleasure.

I will look forward to hearing from you, please leave the comments below or sent us a message on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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