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I’ve always enjoyed watching the process of a creation. When I was little, there was a tv show I loved and watched every single morning.  It was about art and crafts, they demonstrate how to create something from playdoh, or how to paint simple things, how to create a scrap book from nothing. It always inspired me to do something myself. Thanks to this program I felt motivated and inspired to create something on my own even as a child.

I was trying to paint my first tree with the branches, not just a stick with green ball at the top of it. I have created a toy friend from a sock. Painted on glass and did so many other wonderful things. My room was filled with little projects.

Unfortunately I am not very talented and when I completed the art project I was never fully satisfied with it. My work never looked the way I imagined it to. It was never good enough for me. But this never stopped me from challenging myself with the next project, because I enjoyed every minute I spent on creating something. And to feel so focused, passionate and dedicated to something for a few hours or even days, was the most amazing feeling I have experience during my life.

I am over thirty years old now, and I am still trying to create something beautiful. Although I understand now that I might not be talented, I can’t paint, or draw very well, I can’t do clay pot or cup. I am fully aware that I just haven’t been gifted with them skills. But I was born with the infinite faith. And God loves a trier and I am definitely one of them. 

I can’t even remember how many times I was trying to make aa wool scarf, sewing bits and bobs, spending hours on embroidery projects. Painting on clothes, doing scrap books.. The list is never ending.

Some people might say, you should stick with one thing and just practice it. You haven’t got enough of a will power to fulfil your dreams or you change your mind too often.  And you will never achieve perfection. And they might be right. If I would stick with a drawing and practice this skill since I was four years old I would probably master it by now. 

But this way I would never find out how happy it makes me feel to create a wool scarf for my friends or that making bracelets can be so much fun, and embroidery can help relax. 

All these little crafts, and art projects help me realize that I do enjoy the journey more than the destination point.

Also I have realised that there is something what links all these projects together. And this link is a cup of tea.

Before I start working on anything I always brew a cup of tea. I am working till the tea has finished and then I would make a break for cup of tea, and carry on working on the project. Cup of tea is always there for me. You might laugh but I can clearly remember what type of tea I was drinking while I did first painting with my daughter. I can remember what tea flavour I had when I was reading every book in my adult life. Some people like to drink coffee or listen to the music while they working. And I always have a cup of tea with me.

This is why tea is so important for me.

This great drink was always with me when I was practicing my craft skills, or when I was working on my art. It wasn’t any different when I start thinking about opening an online tea shop. I have brew some tea and start looking for high quality loose leaf tea suppliers. Loose leaf tea was with me when I was creating our website, purchasing loose leaf tea for stock. Leaf tea inspire me to create gift boxes. Firs gift boxes were created for my family members and friends, and then I start creating for our customers.

Trying new flavours of loose leaf tea was the best time ever. I would invite my friends over and brew new flavour of loose leaf tea and ask them for feedback. I would prepare little tea sample packs for my co-workers and ask them to try the loose leaf tea at home. You would be surprise how many people had never tried loose leaf tea before. And how any of my friends fell in loose with loose leaf tea and it’s part of their daily routine. I am very proud of every person I have turn onto leaf tea side.

The more feedback I would receive, the more motivated I would feel about my online shop. Sometimes the motivations I feel is like a little tea leaf flouting in the tea cup , gently tickling me inside to start writing an article or work on new tea gift. And sometimes it’s strong as pepper mint tea and feel my whole body and mind (like feel the cup with tea). Inspiring me from inside for hours. I feel full of energy and can write for all day and night without a break. Maybe just to brew new cup of tea.

This is how my articles, gift boxes and post for LiYu Tea time are created. With motivation and inspiration received from people around me. I am sure that I will never give up on LiYuTatime as long as I can drink loose leaf tea and as long as I have got all of you around me.

Thank you All for coming into my life, I wouldn’t be the same person without you, and our LiYu TeaTime online shop would never exist.


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