It’s time to brew fruit tea!

Oh, how I love fruit tea. I must admit, fruit tea with berries is my favourite. It’s so easy to brew it, you just can’t get it wrong!

Linden and raspberry fruit tea is the best choice when it’s cold and wet outside and you need extra help to support your immune system. Raspberries (the fruit and leaves) have been used in medicine for centuries. When you’re not feeling well, raspberry will boost your system with iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Linden is known as a remedy for a blocked nose and sore throat. A few sips of Raspberry and Linden tea and you will feel warm and ready for whatever your day has in stall for you.

To brew your fruit tea, just boil your kettle and wait 1-2 minutes before you pour the water over your fruit tea. Fruit tea, similar to green tea, doesn’t like boiled, steaming water. Raspberry and Linden tea has rich colour and flavour. If you don’t like strong tea, brew it just for 3 minutes and it should be prefect for you. But if you like your tea a bit stronger, or you prefer to drink it with sugar or honey, brew it for 5-10 minutes. Take a sip every minute after the initial 3 minutes brewing, and find out your perfect brewing time.

And now it’s time to tell you how we brew our fruit tea. We used boiled water (temperature 75-80 degrees) but we wait 2 minutes before we pour it over our tea. We like to use a big tea pot to infuse our fruit tea, because this way we can make enough for everyone. We use 3 teaspoons of fruit tea for our 700ml teapot, and we let it brew for 6 to 9 minutes. Some of us drink the tea on it’s own, but majority of us like to add a bit of sugar or honey to it. Remember to add your honey when the tea gets cooler – it not only changes the flavour of your tea, but also works in your favour when you have a cold!

To finish off, I would like to share with you our little secret. Our fruit tea is caffeine free so you can have it as many times as you want and you can share it with younger members of your family! Our daughter loves Raspberry and Linden tea. She was very proud of herself when she had a chance to brew the fruit tea for our family and join us when we enjoy it! Fruit tea is also number one when comes to family and kids parties! If you stay with us for little bit longer, you will have a chance to see one of our family and garden parties. But, in the mean time, just brew your fruit tea and we hope you enjoy it!

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