Inspiration for new projects

Ask yourself this “What will motivate me to start a new project?” the answer is simple. Its YOU. Inspire yourself.

I love to meet new people both in person or via social media and I always have my mind open for new inspirations. I treat every day as an opportunity to meet new people and to see something I have never seen before. When you treat every day as a new beginning, a fresh piece of paper ready for painting, then life will never be boring.

Lately I have been blessed in coming across amazing people on Instagram. There are so many creative girls’ bosses and artists, available for us to reach out to. You want to try it yourself?  Go on Instagram and search one word, it could be something you always wanted to do but never got around it… cross stitching, water painting, sky jumping… And connect with these accounts.

I will spill the tea for you and let you know about one of my new inspirations. I have found her account on YouTube and then followed her on Instagram. This was a few weeks ago, and since then we have exchanged a few messages and I must say that she is one of the nicest people I ever met through social media. Shereena from Softly Studio. She is doing amazing videos on YouTube and she runs an online shop with handmade journals and stationery. She has inspired me to do a journal myself and to create the Journal with me composition.

Our Journal with me gift box has essential items for you to start your journal. A lovely pocket sized journal in a variety of pretty pastel colours and a pen to go with it. Including one tea in a flavour of your choice, so you can enjoy your favourite cup of tea whilst writing the first pages of your journal

This gift box is the perfect way to motivate yourself to start writing, it would also make an ideal gift to wish somebody good luck in their new job, or as a thank you.

We are planning to do more boxes inspired by Shereena’s work. Her handmade paper and journals are amazing and the packaging is just incredible. We hope to create something very special for all journal fans. We already started using washi tapes and the wax stamps in our packaging and tea bags decorations. We hope you will enjoy our new gift packaging and freebees we send with every order.

Shereena is not the only person inspiring us to work on new projects. There are many more, and hopefully we will be able to introduce these amazing personalities to you shortly. In mean time please check out our gift box proposition Journal with me and if you wish to find out more about Shereena go to Softly studio website.

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