Brewing your earl grey tea

Currently on the market we have few types of tea Green tea, black tea, white tea, fruit or herbal tea, and pu-erh, herba mate, roiboos, Oolong, and white tea. In this article we will try to introduce you to four types of tea we offer on our website. Green tea, black tea, fruit tea and earl grey tea. 

If you just start your journey with loose leaf tea your probably drank one or two types of leaf tea already. You might have your favorite tea by now. But it’s always worth to try new flavor and discover new possibilities.

Most popular on our website is Blue Earl Grey tea. This tea is known around the world. This tea is made of high quality Kenya Long Leaves Kangaita Black tea scented with organic Italian Bergamot Oil. We add cornflower petals to enrich flavor. 
This tea is one of the favorite in our office and because you can enjoy it at any point of your day. You can drink it with or without milk. Some of us enjoy it with bit of honey and slice of lemon. If you never try it this one give it a go, especially no when outside is cold and wet. 
How we brew it: 
We use one tea spoon of tea per mug. But if we use a tea pot we use two reach tea spoons and we share the tea between three or sometimes even four people. We don’t like our tea to be too strong as most of the time we drink it on its own. We boil the water and pour it slowly over the leaves. We like when Earl Grey is stimulating and energizing so we don’t brew it for longer than 2.5-3 minutes. 
If you like when your tea taste a bit bitter leave the tea for 3-5 minutes. Tea brew for that long will start releasing tannins and it will lose it energetic effect

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